Send messages to the places your customers will read them

Wisyl is the first and only communication tool that lets people choose where and when they want to get your important messages.

When you need to get information to people who rely on you to run their businesses, distribute your product, organize, or hundreds of other things:

Wisyl is for you.

The best way to get your message read is to send it where people actually want to read it

There are dozens of ways people communicate. If you’re not sending your message to the right place, your message is not getting read. Wisyl gets your messages to the right place at the right time so your customers will read them.

Jennifer is busy running her store. She's never by her computer, so she prefers to get a text.

George is in constant communication with his remote team over Slack, so that's best for him.

Vanessa prefers an email in the evening. During the day, she prefers a Twitter DM.

Getting started is easy

Add your contacts and find out where and when they want to hear from you

Whether you are uploading a list of current contacts or adding them one by one as they come in, Wisyl makes it easy for you to add your contacts and even easier for your contacts to tell you exactly where and when they want messages from you.


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Write effective, actionable messages in one place

Wisyl makes it easy for you to create messages that your contacts will pay attention to. No matter which communication channel your message ends up in, you only have to write it once. 


And if there are questions… no problem. Your contacts can reply quickly and easily from where they received the message.  


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Send your message right away, or schedule it for later

Either way, when you press send you know your message will arrive in the right channel and look great, even if you don’t know what that channel is. 


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Integrate your workflow

With our Zapier integration, you can connect 1000s of apps to keep your subscriber list updated, segment your subscribers, or trigger a message to your subscribers.